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Cedarland Forest Resources is a family owned business that had its beginnings more then 20 years ago in the State of Washington. Operating under the name Cedarland Tree Farms it began to accumulate land in the Pacific Northwest for its own investment purposes. As the company began to grow it also started to manage timberland for other private investors. In 1996 one of the timberland parcels under its management was awarded tree farm of the year PCC, by the Washington Farm Forestry Association. The company continued to grow throughout the rest of the 1990’s and by the early 2000s had acquired substantial holdings in the Pacific Northwest and in the Southeast. Cedarland Tree Farms has worked with Companies like Weyerhaeuser, Plumb Creek, and Rayonier and over the years has developed a solid reputation within the timber industry. The company continued to grow and created a land development division to maximize returns from its higher and better use properties. It also began to focus more on timberland management for others and it was decided to change its name to Cedarland Forest Resources (CFR) to more accurately reflect the workings of its business activities. Today Cedarland Forest Resources is actively involved in all aspects of the timber industry Including full service timber land management, timberland investing and development, timber sales and forest product marketing. In all these endeavors CFR strives to put its clients first and to operate with the same integrity that it has built its reputation on.

Managing partners:

Tim Cedarland:

0Tim has bought and sold investment grade timberland for more then 20 years. He has been a member of the Washington Farm Forestry Association since 1994 and was a board member for 12 years. Tim has given lectures for Washington State University on Forestland Investing, and Forestland Management and provides a wealth of knowledge on both subjects. In addition to his involvement with CFR he was also the Director of operations for Middle fork Tree farms.

When not at the office or in the woods Tim enjoys spending time with his family. Tim is also an actively involved co-founder of a non-profit mentorship ministry for college students.

Joe Cedarland:

joeJoe grew up in and around the timber industry and as been actively involved in it in one form or another for most of his life. In 1997 he started his own contract logging company. He was involved with this for the next four years before shifting his focus to land development and residential housing. Between 2001 and 2010 he and his brother Ben developed more then 300 residential lots and built over 500 single family homes. Joe has remained active in both the timber and real estate industries He has worked primarily in CFR’s land acquisition division and land development division. He has extensive background with real estate financing and timberland investments.

Joe has a love of the outdoors and is a firm believer in good stewardship of our natural resources. Away from the office he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He also enjoys fishing and golf and other outdoor activities.

Ben Cedarland:

aboutBen has also grown up around the logging and timber business. In 1999 Ben partnered with his brother Joe in his contract logging business. They also worked together in the land development and housing business from 2001 to 2010 years. During this time Ben oversaw the field operations for construction and development. Since 2009 he has run a successful investment firm with a focus on sustainable wealth building. Ben currently serves as CFR’s director of operations in the Southeast.

Ben enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid sportsman who enjoys the outdoors. He is committed to the principles of good steward ship and forest management. As an avid fly fisherman he cares deeply about protecting our streams and rivers.

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